Homeworld: Selonia
System: Corellian system
Height: 1.8-2.2 meters
Skill Min. Max.
Dexterity 1D+0 3D+2
Knowledge 1D+0 3D+0
Mechanical 1D+0 3D+2
Perception 1D+0 2D+1
Strength 2D+1 5D+0
Technical 1D+0 3D+2
Attribute Points 12D+0
Skill Points 7D+0
Move 10/12 (upright), 12/14 (all fours), 13/16 (swimming)

Biology and CultureEdit

The Selonians were large musteline carnivorous mammals with long, flexible spines. They were equally comfortable with traveling on all fours or upright. Most Selonians were infertile females, while one in every hundred was a male, and five in every hundred were fertile females. Selonians lived in clans called den, which were seperated by who sired its members and ruled over by a single fertile Selonian female. Dens were broken down into Septs, which was made up of members who all shared the same sire. Although they did possess advanced technology, they generally stayed on Selonia.

Selonians averaged two meters tall, with the sterile females being amongst the largest and strongest. They had needle-sharp fangs, equally sharp claws on their hands and feet which made them excellent climbers, powerful tails, and were furious in combat. Many Selonians also lived on Talus, Tralus, and Corellia, with additional dens on planets scattered throughout the galaxy. They had a reputation for being refined and a serious minded species. It is believed that their origins were from an aquatic mammal species that lived in riverside burrows which they still used as their homes.

Selonian AA

The three types of Selonians.

While at home, Selonians did not wear clothing, however, when off world, they often wore clothing suitable to their jobs, more for the comfort of other species than for any sense of modesty. Selonians were also brutally honest, and like Wookiees in their trustworthiness and sense of honor. They also spoke a modified language among their dens which was not diminished by auditory echoes in their burrows.

Despite their mammalian appearance, the social structure of a Selonian family was more similar to insectoid races as they possessed a hive minded society. Their family dens were typically constructed underground and consisted of a single fertile female who was the 'Queen', a few fertile males and a large number of infertile females to serve as guardians and workers. These underground dens were created by the Selonians using their sharp claws to make the intricate tunnels and massive dwellings. The Queen and few fertile males were responsible for siring all members of the den. Within the den were sub-groupings known as septs that were offsprings fathered by the same fertile male thus, the females born of the same father were members of the same sept and were genetically identical, save for the few who were fertile. The Queen herself was capable of being pregnant five times a year where she gave birth to five or more children in a single birthing.

Despite their importance, the fertile males were treated scornfully as holding little use beyond breeding and at best as prized breeding stock. This was in part due to their importance in the reproduction cycle which often kept them from engaging in off world activities or contributing to the welfare of the den. Though, in recent years, a rare group had formed amongst the fertile males that attempted to promote breeder rights. Furthermore, the infertile females were raised to perform specific tasks to maintain the Den, and keep the Queen and her consorts safe. Others were trained to conduct offworld trading and negotiations.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Selonian AE

Retractable claws: Selonians receive a +1D bonus to climbing and brawling.

Tail: Used to help steer and propel a Selonian through water, adds a +1D bonus to swimming skill. Can also be used as additional weapon as a club, STR+2D damage.

Swimming: Swimming comes naturally to Selonians, they gain +1D+2 to dodge in underwater conditions.

Story FactorsEdit

Hive-mind: Selonians live in underground dens like social insects. Only sterile females leave the den to interact with the outside world.

Agoraphobia: Selonians are not comfortable in wide-open spaces. They suffer a -1D penalty on all actions when in large-open spaces.