Homeworld: Neimoidia
System: Neimoidia system
Height: 1.6 to 2 meters
Skill Min. Max.
Dexterity 1D+0 3D+2
Knowledge 1D+2 4D+1
Mechanical 1D+1 4D+0
Perception 2D+0 4D+2
Strength 1D+0 3D+1
Technical 1D+1 4D+0
Attribute Points 12D+0
Skill Points 7D+0
Move 10/12

Biology and CultureEdit

Neimoidians were a species of humanoids that were distant genetic relatives of Duros. They had a reputation for greed and cowardice and placed tremendous value on wealth and material possesions, and would go to great lengths to gain money and power. However, they were very easily intimidated, and hated combat. They were famous for running the Trade Federation, a massive corporate entity. The Neimoidians spoke either heavily-accented Basic, or a distinct verbal and non-verbal form of communication referred to as Pak Pak. Verbal Pak Pak was composed mostly of guttural grunts and croaks, and non-Neimoidians found it rather difficult to comprehend.

Since the Neimoidians were distant genetic relatives of the Duros, they retained many similarities to them, including the basic form, noseless faces, and green-blue skin,though Neimoidians tended to be grayer. Their eyes also had pupils that split horizontally, and they were distinguished by small lumps on their foreheads and down-turned mouths. Their sense of smell came from glands under their eyes. These genetic differences were attributed to the distinct features of their homeworld, Neimoidia, including its gravity, which was heavier than Duro. Additionally, the planet's star was dimmer, and the planet itself was humid and widely shrouded by fog and mist.

250px-Neimoidian NEGAS

A Neimoidian businessman.

Neimoidian skin often took on a mottled look if the being was too self-indulgent or prone to great stress as a Neimoidian's lung pods would expand and contract convulsively under great stress, leading to an old saying characterizing Neimoidians as the only sentient species with an entire organ devoted to worrying. When nauseated the Neimoidians' skin would turned pink. The Neimoidians had five fingers and two clawlike toes. Neimoidians tended to be cowardly, greedy, and fearful of death, as the planet of Neimoidia had been quarantined and forbidden to travelers due to dangerous disease outbreaks or rampment brainworms.

Upon death, Neimoidian bodies would desiccate rapidly if not immediately buried or burned. The corpse's face would elongate, and the brain sac would shrivel into a series of tiny pods behind the head. It was this terrifying image of death, coupled with the Geonosian physique, that inspired the appearance of the Trade Federation's B1 battle droids.

250px-Diplomat TotG

A well off Neimoidian diplomat.

Neimoidians were born in a larval state similar to a grub. Although hive-mothers had cloacas, the grubs were born live and not from eggs. They were raised as grubs in communal hives on Neimoidia until the age of seven standard years. During this period, the younglings were neglected by being given limited amounts of food to weed out the weaker individuals and allowed the stronger Neimoidians to survive. The stronger and more aggressive Neimoidians would go off-world where they would be trained for occupations within corporations like the Trade Federation while the weaker and less capable Neimoidians were sequestered on Neimoidia and the purse-worlds.

Many low-level worker drones were kept malnourished so they could never reach full mental maturity. Worker drone supervisors did not care much for their responsibilities; in fact, teams of office drones working in the Galactic Senate were given the incentive of eating the less productive team. Combining this with the planet's natural unpleasantness, it was usual for Neimoidians to choose not to return home unless absolutely necessary.

As adults, Neimoidians had a reputation of being skilled in matters of business and were well known for their leadership of the Trade Federation. Unfortunately, Neimoidians were stereotyped by other species as greedy, fearful of death, lazy, and corrupt. This was evident by the use of droids for almost everything. It was often said that one of the most difficult concepts for a Neimoidian to understand was loyalty. Neimoidians were also very conscious of rank, and elaborate clothing asserted the wearer's wealth and social position within the Neimoidian society. Even hats, cloaks, and drapes, as well as colors and texture, all had certain symbolic meanings. It was said that no one would ever see a Neimoidian without their hat, unless they were dead.

Neimoidian Guard

A bodyguard.

Skill BonusEdit

At the time of character creation only, Neimoidian characters gain 2D for every 1D placed in either the value or con skills.

Story FactorEdit

Cowardly: When faced with possible danger, conflict or death, a Neimoidian would rather sacrifice his or her underlings than face the danger himself or herself.