Region: Outer Rim
Parent system: Kiilaniri
Sim Status: Not Coded
Native Race(s): Horansi
Other Races: Human and Near Human
Affiliation: CSA Protectorate

Mutanda was a planet in the Kiilaniri star system and the homeworld of the Horansi.

It was once an Imperial protectorate which had a very strong military presence to keep the natives in line. The various Stormtrooper garrisons were scattered around the planet to ensure that the Horansi would not interfere with the valuable mining operations occurring at the neighboring gas giant and moon. In 8 ABY, when control of the system was ceded to the Corporate Sector Authority by the Treaty of Mutanda, the CSA afforded little concern to Mutanda itself. Assigning fewer security forces to the planet than the previous Imperial regime provided the Horansi with an opportunity to engage in a number of armed uprisings. Though each rebellion was put down and corporate control restored, it became apparent that a more sizable force would be necessary to maintain order, and the Authority was ultimately unwilling to endure the on-going costs of maintaining such a force. The decision was eventually made to leave the planet's management in the hands of a CSA-endorsed, Horansi-led government, and the Authority's own resources and personnel were relocated off-world.

Many of the Horansi found work on Justa Moon, selling their skills as scouts and safari guides to wealthy members of the Galaxy. These hunts provided a useful existence to Mutanda as a safari themed resort world, and so resources weren't mined out of the world's surface. The only starport available in the Kiilaniri system was found on Justa, which was heavily controlled by the CSA.

The CSA-endorsed government worked well to maintain peace and order on the planet, allowing the Horansi to maintain their traditions by acting as a buffer. Profits from the safari hunts as well as exclusive excess to hunt the more rare animals kept the Direx Board rather pleased, until 17 ABY when one of the governing Gorvan's daughters attempted a coup to take control and pull Mutanda from the Corporate's hold. Branded a traitor by her own people, the female fled with a small group of Horansi rebels, many of which are now fur rugs on the floors of some of the more powerful crime bosses. With peace restored, and the CSA only increasing their presence on Justa, the Horansi were again safe to practice their own ways.

Then Mutanda faced a series of tragic events which shocked the Galaxy at large and saw its sale to the Systems Confederation. The year was 20 ABY and a series of explosions rocked the refinery facilities on Justa, which sent the BlasTech Direx, Nitisha Lazure, to Justa with the GenCy Corp offering medical aid to injured workers and residents. These explosions were only the start of the tragedy. While rescue opperations were well under way and the Galactic Empire gave overtures of peace and rendered aid, the Republic refused to send aid and began to run interferance, stopping much needed medical goods from entering the system and sabotagueing the refineries further. Fearing a revolt on Mutanda or a direct attack on distracted Corp vessels, the system was locked down. When IGN began spinning news that was heavily slanted anti-Corporate and anti-Imperial, the Direx Board responded by revoking their Press Approval and gave them 12 standard hours to leave the system. All non-authourised ships were escorted out of the system as a further precaution. But that did not stop a mysterious ailment from running rampant on Mutanda, wiping out all of the adolescent and adult mammalian population; animal and sentient alike all suffered. In a few hours, only younglings remained. CSA teams were sent down to assess the damage and with the aid of the Confederation, autopsies were performed while the Empire's aid withdrew and left the system.

The only additional aid that approached the CSA was the Ithorian Herdship New Star, which requested permission to save as many younglings, both animal and sentient, as possible. With permission granted the CSA's Direx Board met and, using the BlasTech Direx's report, deliberated on how to deal with this new crisis. In the end, the majority voted in favour of selling the planet to the Systems Confederation.


A small safari trip on one of the savannahs on Mutanda.

While Mutanda was a part of the Systems Confederation, it thrived. The younglings received guardians to aid them in growing up, and swiftly, technology began to be infused into the young ones' lives. Where before the adults refused to use blasters and advanced armours, the youngsters, thanks to their off world benefactors, embraced these weapons and armours along with many more techno-gadgets. While the Lord of the Wheel pressured a young Gorvan female into becoming governess, a growing group of sentients, both offworld Horansi and non-Horansi, began protesting movements as the traditions of the people were being destroyed, not preserved as the Lord of the Wheel and his council of Magistrates had promised. Zabrinna, the young Gorvan girl who was also the Lord's ward as well as his bodyguard, became more and more aware that the foretold saviour was leading them astray, but these new technological advances benefited her people greatly. In 23 ABY, at the age of 14 years, the adolescent Gorvan assumed the mantel of Grand Nsoki to put down rumours that she was the Lord of the Wheel's puppet. She formed her own council and used her newfound power wisely while serving on the Council of Magistrates. By 29 ABY, Zabrinna had a loyal following both on and off of Mutanda, which saw the return of some of the adult Horansi who had been exiled under the previous government or who had taken up residences offworld to persue non-traditional careers; when the Systems Confederation began to fall to infighting, she made a drastic move. Though she had served faithfully the Saviour, she did not desire her people to fall into ruin following him and so she broke Mutanda from the Systems Confederation after speaking with the Prex of the CSA to gain entry as an independant world into its protectorate.

The CSA has since held true to the terms of agreement, just as the Horansi do, allowing offworlds to hunt the replenished wildlife and join in the protection of the system and the gas that is refined from Kiilaniri. While the Systems Confederation had built a primitive starport on Mutanda, the Corporate Sector has refurbished it to help the flow of goods.