Hutt Cartel
Hutt Cartel



Seat of Power:

Nal Hutta

Coded Planets Controlled:

Nal Hutta, Nar Shaddaa

Key Members:







Formed after the Treaty of Nar Shaddaa (27 ABY), the Hutt Cartel had the intent to rebuild the glory that they had lost during the Hutt War. With the Hutt population decimated by an unknown virus that killed only Hutts before disappearing, the self-centered species learned what it was to know fear. With a population that had shrunk to millions, the broken Hutt Council yielded to the combined forces of the Galaxy and signed terms to cease hostilities. With territories lost, slaves liberated and a mandatory tithe to the CSA who they had originally struck against, the Hutts were sore from the losses and had to rebuild. Fortunately, the Systems Confederation fell into internal strife and shattered, releasing several planets from their control and the CSA, made complacent with the tithe, the Hutts slowly fell back into their old tricks.

The leaders of the Hutt Cartel were not necessarily the old patrons of the ancient families, but cunning younger Hutts who saw a vacancy formed from the aftermath of the war and the virus and moved swiftly to take control. Internal intrigues still occur, removing those Hutts who couldn't agree that the whole of the species was important to the survival of the individual. The focus was to reestablish their powerbase.

Underworld IntriguesEdit

Slavery is now done more discretely, there are no more broad species bounties filtering through the bounty hunter's guild. Spice smuggling has received a revitalisation, and new forms of spice are being derived, discovered and sold. Furthermore, with Nar Shaddaa back in their holdings, the Hutts have refound their niche as underworld dealers of arms, medical supplies and even droids. With their borders redefined, the once mighty Hutts are relearning what it is to be great and working towards their ends. Endentured servants have taken up where many slaves had been, showing that the Hutts have learned of their great blunder that triggered the wraith of the Galaxy.