Approaching Nar Shaddaa.

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Star Wars: Dark Dreams was an idea in 2011 to become a sister mush to Star Wars: Age of Strife. As a continuation of a rich history, SWDD begins its story in the year 60 ABY. Deviated from the established canon, the Yuuzhan Vong never invaded, Jacen Solo fell and was killed by his sister and Luke Skywalker is dead, opening up an alternative path for the New Republic and the Galactic Empire. The game uses rules based off of West End Games:.

Players are able to play in three main factions. The Galactic Alliance, which grew from the New Republic, is in a state of chaos, mistrust and infighting with each senator seeking what is best for themselves and their people, often at the expense of others. With growing fears of another Palpatine rising, the Jedi have secluded themselves a decade ago. Jedi trained Princess Allana Solo of Hapes is trying to form a coalition to see the once humble New Republic spirit resurge. Meanwhile, under the stability of a less humancentric Fel Empire has grown as more planetary leaders tire of the squabbling in the senate. While the Empire promises peace and stability, some question its motives.

Thriving between the two largest galactic powers are the Independent Governments in their various forms of government, from the CSA to the Hutt Consortium, even the Bothan Federation and the Tapani Empire have found growth.

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Someone has destroyed Ryloth.

First reports hinted that it may have been the Fel Empire striking from distant Bastion all the way across the Galaxy, yet Emperor Jagged Fel denies these claims and sent his son and the 7th Fleet to investigate. Joined with medical experts from the CSA and other would be good doers the fate of Ryloth is confirmed. All inhabitants on Ryloth and in the sector are destroyed. Twi'lek, human, near humans and alien bodies have been found, but there's no evidence as to who has done this act of war!

Come join the game and get involved! Excitement is just around the corner...

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To join the game, open up your Mush client and input the following address: Port: 23

Happy New Year!!

The internet deamons have been battled and defeated. And the game is back up!

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