Homeworld: Hapes
System: Hapes system
Height: 1.5-2.1 meters
Skill Min. Max.
Dexterity 2D+0 4D+2
Knowledge 2D+0 5D+0
Mechanical 2D+0 4D+0
Perception 1D+1 3D+2
Strength 2D+0 4D+2
Technical 2D+0 4D+0
Attribute Points 13D+0
Skill Points 7D+0
Move 10/12

Biology and CultureEdit

Hapans differed from baseline Human stock in a number of ways, most notably in that they possessed no or poor night vision and were considered to be, on average, more attractive than what was typical for a Human. Due to the Transitory Mists that surround the Hapes Cluster, the Hapans were isolated from the rest of the galaxy both culturally and genetically, which impacted on their culture reclusiveness in joining any of the galactic powers, and the lack of Basic used within the Hapes Cluster. Many Hapan who travelled outside of Hapes spoke Galacitc Basic like a second language, while others were ignorant of it.

Hapans were biologically the same as other Humans, but as a result of selective breeding over many generations they became extremely beautiful. This was due to the fact that in 4,000 BBY, the pirates that originally ruled the Hapes Cluster captured and mated with the more attractive of the women they possessed. Due to the isolation of the sixty-three inhabited worlds that made up their home there was a very limited gene pool. It was also do to being the descendents of captured women that Hapans formed a matararchial society and are fiercely determined to not be ruled by any man.

Another trait that Hapans possessed was their night blindness. Because of the perpetual daylight of Hapes and other planets in the Cluster due to the density of stars in the region, the Hapans have lost all ability to see in the dark, and were nearly blind even in dim lighting.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Vision: Due to the intensive light on their homeworld, Hapans have very poor night vision. Treat all lesser-darkness modifiers (such as poor-light and moonlit-night modifiers) as complete darkness, adding +4D to the difficulty for all ranged attacks.

Language: Hapans are taught the Hapan language from birth. Few are able to speak Basic, and those who can treat it as a second language.

Attractiveness: Both male and female Hapans, are extremely beautiful. Hapan males receive +1D bonus to any bargain, con, command, or persuasion rolls made against non-Hapan humans or other near humans who find them attractive. Female Hapans also gain +1D bonus to any bargain, con, command or persuasion checks against members of human and near humans who find them attactive. Additionally, due to cultural upbringing, this bonus doubles when used on any male Hapan.

Story FactorsEdit

Depleted Consortium: During the 10 year conquest of the Deep Core Imperium in the Hapes Consortium, 21 planets were reportedly consumed by World Devastators, leaving 42 planets inhabited by the Hapans. The magnitude of this didn't hit the Hapans until after they were liberated by Fel Imperial forces.

Missing Queen Mother: Rumours abound that the former Queen Mother was killed by the Imperator of the Deep Core before he was finally destroyed, or aboard the Night's Eye when allied forces destroyed it. Either way, the Queen Mother and her lineage is no more, leaving behind a political rift amongst the Hapes nobles.