389px-Gamorrean NEGAS
Homeworld: Gamorr
System: Opoku system
Height: 1.3-1.6 meters
Skill Min. Max.
Dexterity 2D+0 4D+0
Knowledge 1D+0 2D+0
Mechanical 1D+0 1D+2
Perception 1D+0 3D+0
Strength 3D+0 5D+0
Technical 1D+0 1D+2
Attribute Points 11D+0
Skill Points 7D+0
Move 7/10

Biology and CultureEdit

Gamorreans were large, porcine warriors. They had green skin, short, portly bodies, and pig-like faces. On their homeworld, they lived in clans ruled by matriarchs. Female Gamorreans tended to live much longer than the males, as the males spent the majority of their lives engaged in combat. Wars between clans were constant. The wars were not based on political quarrels, but rather as a sport. Gamorreans were skilled melee warriors, especially adept with blades such as knives and axes. These were the weapons of preference for Gamorreans waging war between clans, and Gamorreans were trained in their use starting at a very young age. Gamorrean education was based almost entirely on combat, and it was rare to find one with more than base technical or mechanical knowledge.

One of the most influencial obstacles facing off-world Gamorreans is that they are considered stupid by most other species. Although they are not particularly bright, they do not consider themselves stupid. The prejudice is probably based on the Gamorreans' appearance, their war-like tendancies, and their inability to grasp the basic language.

Gamorreans were most often hired or enslaved as guards and mercenaries. They would fight loyally for their employers, as fighting for another makes up for their missing of the grand battles between clans. Gamorreans also valued their honor, and were apt to start a brawl with anyone foolish enough to poke fun of their appearance, intelligence, or honor within earshot.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Voice Box: Due to their unusual voice apparatus, Gamorreans are unable to pronounce Basic, although they can understand it perfectly well.

Stamina: Gamorreans have great stamina - whenever asked to make a stamina check, if they fail the first check, they may immediately make a second check to succeed.

Gamorrean Guard with Axe

Skill Bonus: At the time of character creation only, the character gets 2D for every 1D placed in the melee weapons, brawling and thrown weapons skills.

Story FactorsEdit

Droid Hate: Most Gamorreans hate droids and other mechanical beings. During each scene in which a Gamorrean player character needlessly demolishes a droid (provided the gamemaster and other players consider the scene amusing), the character should receive an extra Character Point.

Reputation: Gamorreans are widely regarded as primitive, brutal and mindless. Gamorreans who attempt to show intelligent thought and manners will often be disregarded and ridiculed by fellow Gamorreans.

Slavery: Most Gamorreans who left Gamorr did so by being sold into slavery by their clans.