Lok feeorin-pirate
Homeworld: Odryn
System: Unknown
Height: 2.2 meters (average)
Skill Min. Max.
Dexterity 1D+0 3D+2
Knowledge 1D+1 4D+0
Mechanical 1D+0 3D+2
Perception 1D+1 4D+0
Strength 2D+0 4D+2
Technical 1D+1 4D+0
Attribute Points 12D+0
Skill Points 7D+0
Move 10/12

Biology and CultureEdit

The Feeorin were a bipedal species that were quick to anger and highly impersonal. They typically placed their own affairs above others, causing other species to regard them as selfish. Feeorins believed that the spirits of their dead Elders resided at the Sanctum of the Exalted, where they forged the Odryn's seasons. Due to this, when the weather changed due to the presence of a Sith artefact stored at the Sanctum, the Feeorins believed that the Elders were angry that foreigners had entered. This lead to the destruction of the Feeorin's most sacred places and the Rime Feeorin, an ancient creed that the people used to follow.

They were a warm-blooded reptillian species. The average Feeorin had thick tendrils hanging from the backs of their heads, similar to those of the amphibious Nautolans. Feeorins had mottled skin ranging from yellow to green and blue with a few rare ones had jet-black or white skin pigmentation. The Feeorin could live for up to four hundred years, and due to a unique metabolism they grew stronger with age rather than weaker. Curiously, some Feeorins had noses while others lacked any nasal openings.

Feeorin KotORCG

Special AbilitiesEdit

Low-Light Vision: Feeorin can see twice as far as a human in dim light.

Endurance: Due to their high level of endurance, Feeorin may re-roll any failed stamina roll once.

Story FactorsEdit

Bad Reputation: On worlds where they have settled, Feeorin characters may be regarded as evil or dangerous based on their species alone.