Homeworld: Endor
System: Endor system
Height: 1 meter
Skill Min. Max.
Dexterity 1D+2 4D+2
Knowledge 1D+0 3D+0
Mechanical 1D+2 3D+2
Perception 2D+0 4D+2
Strength 1D+0 3D+0
Technical 1D+0 2D+2
Attribute Points 12D+0
Skill Points 7D+0
Move 7/9

Biology and CultureEdit

Ewoks were intelligent omnivores from the forest moon of Endor. The creatures stood about one meter tall, and were covered by thick fur that came in grey, black, brown, tawny orange, and white, in all the shades the colours came in, and patterns ranging from solid coloured to strapes, including patches and shading. Individuals often wore leather or woven hoods decorated with feathers and animal bones. They also wore belts and occassionally leaf 'shoes'. They had very little technology and were a primitive culture.

Ewoks were quite territorial, but are smart enough to realize that retreat was sometimes the best course of action. They had an excellent sense of smell, although their vision isn't as good as that of Human's. They lived in tribes throughout the great forests lead by a chieften who was advised by a Shaman and a Council of Elders. All of the warriors wore hoods to signify which tribe they hailed from, and promiment members of the tribe also wore totems to identify themselves to visitors.

Additionally, the tribe was made up of multiple family units. The daughters lived with their families while the unmarried males would leave the tribe and set up residence close to a tribe. Courtship was interesting in that unmarried females would leave presents of food, weapons, leathers, etc to show that he was missed by the tribe and also invite him to rejoin. When a male has choosen a female to marry, he would re-enter the tribe's village and start building a home for his future family. During this joyous time, all of the unmarried females would try and woo him until the house is finished. At that point the male would approach the choosen female who had the right to reject him or his home.

Special SkillsEdit

Thrown weapons and bows: An Ewok is proficient in throwing sticks and spears and firing his bow, as such he gains 1D bonus for each 1D he puts into the skills at chargen.

Glider: Time to use: one round. The ability to pilot gliders.

Primitive Construction: Time to use: one hour for gliders and rope bridges; several hours for small structures, catapults and similar constructs. This is the ability to build structures out of wood, vines and other natural materials with only tools. This skill is good for building sturdy houses, vine bridges and rock hurling catapults (2D speeder-scale damage).

Skill Bonus: At the time the character is created only, the character gets 2D for every 1D placed in the hide, search and sneak skills.

Special AbilitiesEdit


Skill Limits: Beginning characters may not place any skill dice in any vehicle (other than glider) or starship operations or repair skills.

Smell: Ewoks have a highly developed sense of smell, getting a +1D bonus to their search skill when tracking by scent. This ability may not be improved.

Story FactorsEdit

Protectiveness: Most human adults will feel unusually protective of Ewoks, wanting to protect them like young children. Because of this, Humans can also be very condescending to Ewoks. Ewoks, however, are mature and inquisitive - and unusually tolerant of the Human attitude.

Endangered Species: The Ewok homeworld had faced an Imperial strike sometime during 40 ABY, which destroyed much of the vegitation and boiled the water. An Ithorian herdship has several hundred thousand Ewok survivors on it while they attempt to restore the planet, so far without any luck.