Time Taken: One round to one day or longer.

This skill reflects knowledge of particular cultures and common cultural forms (primitive tribal civilizations tend to be somewhat similar, for example). Cultures allows a character to determine how he is expected to behave in a particular situation among a certain group of individuals. The more obscure the information or culture, the higher the difficulty. Cultural knowledge includes information about a certain group's art, history, politics, customs, rites of passage, and views on outsiders.

For instance, a visitor to Tatooine might make a cultures role to better understand the moisture farmers he's dealing with. Depending on what the player asks about this culture, he could learn the moisture farmers depend heavily on droids, they often trade with roaming bands of Jawa scavengers, and their calendar revolves around planting and harvesting seasons. This skill can be used for cultures of one's own species or for those of other species.