Homeworld: Gravlex Med
System: Raioballo sector
Height: 4 meters (average)
Skill Min. Max.
Dexterity 1D+1 4D+0
Knowledge 1D+0 3D+2
Mechanical 1D+1 4D+0
Perception 1D+0 3D+2
Strength 2D+0 4D+2
Technical 1D+1 4D+0
Attribute Points 12D+0
Skill Points 7D+0
Move 12/14

Biology and CultureEdit

Anx were sociable creatures: they possessed an incredible devotion to any group of which they felt a part. Their crests could change color to reflect their moods, which lead the species to develop fin cloaks to hide the color changes. The Anx language was made of loud, low-frequency noises that they could use to communicate across distances of several kilometers and was difficult for the human vocal cords to verbalize.

To compensate for poor eyesight, Anx had an acute sense of smell. They also tended to possess a formidable knowledge of anatomy, especially nerves, muscles and bone structures, making them dangerous unarmed combatants and skilled warriors, capable of defeating most opponents.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Blindsight: Anx have exceptionally poor eyesight, and instead use sense organs along their crests, knees, and elbows to “smell” the world around them.

Communication at a Distance: Anx speak in a booming, low-frequency language that other Anx can hear up to five kilometers away.

Increased Hand-to-Hand Damage: Due to their physiology, Anx characters add +1D to their Strength score when rolling their hand-to-hand damage.

Horox Ryyder Anx

A profile of an Anx.

Story FactorsEdit

Fin Cloaks: The skin and fins of an Anx change colors to reflect their emotions, making an Anx’s basic mood easy to decipher. As a result, Anx characters often wear fin cloaks that make it more difficult for others to interpret their emotions. An Anx without a fin cloak suffers a -2D penalty to all Bargain and Con skill checks.